Andria Slough oversaw a recent order issued by President Trump to fire missiles at Syria in retaliation for using nerve gas on their own people.

The 1994 Millville High School grad (who actually graduated with my husband, see yearbook photo below, lol) Slough worked her way up the ranks to become a United States Navy commander and captain of the USS Porter, a guided missile destroyer attached to the U.S. 6th Fleet. It was that fleet tasked with launching the Tomahawk missile strike against an airfield in western Syria on April 7. That attack cause damage to the air base.

Andria Slough's 1994 Millville Senior High School yearbook photo that I took myself from my husband's yearbook. They graduated together! (Heather DeLuca)

Slough spoke to The Daily Journal after she received a personal phone call from President Trump two days after the strike on Syria. She said Trump “was very impressed with our precision and our lethality. And I know he is new to the presidency, so I think that it was a real privilege to be able to show him what destroyers can do and what the American sailor can accomplish given a set of orders. I think that was the crux of the phone call.”

Way to represent South Jersey Andria!

SOURCE: The Daily Journal

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