The easiest way to shop for the holidays is online, and delivered to your front door. But, New Jersey police wants residents to be wary of porch pirating.

I am the laziest holiday shopper alive, so I typically purchase most of my presents online. It's easy and convenient so I don't have to worry about searching endlessly within a store. To make things even better, the items are even delivered to my door. But, on weekends I'm in N.Y. so my packages are left unattended.

N.J. police are saying this is a big no-no because this is prime time for porch pirating. What is porch pirating exactly? It's basically those who steal packages right from your front porch. These people follow delivery trucks and wait to steal packages once they realize no one is home.

So what can you do to protect your packages? Police say:



  • 1

    Manage Your Delivery Time

    Set your package delivery to a time you know you will be home, such as after work.

  • 2

    Pick-Up Your Mail

    Sometimes there is an option to pick up at your closest UPS or Fed-Ex versus directly to your door

  • 3

    Set Up A Different Drop Off Location

    Have a trusted neighbor monitor if they are home, or see if they are willing to even accept them for you.

  • 4

    Give The Illusion Your Home

    Make sure there is no mail lingering on your front door allowing it to pile up. This gives the idea you haven't been home in a while.