Once the holidays are over, the Memorial Day weekend countdown starts up and we all become miserable Jerseyans who can’t stand the cold, snowy weather but won’t leave the state because we love that we get summer but also the cold, snowy weather.

Well, there actually IS something to look forward to this time of year: It’s officially Girl Scouts cookie season!

AP A TX USA Scout Cookies

You have to admit you get excited when you see your Facebook feed full of friends asking to help their kid out and buy all their Girl Scouts cookies.

And the biggest question is what cookies do you order and how many boxes.

Thanks to Google Trends, we now know what cookie New Jersey is raving over and I won’t lie, I’m disappointed, but I’m biased toward Samoas aka Carmel DeLites.

New Jersey is throwing itself at Thin Mints. 44% of the state is claiming these cookies as their all-time favorite. WHY? Have you never tried a Tagalong aka Peanut Butter Patties?

The other cookies on our list, but the numbers don’t even compare to Thin Mints, are Samoas, Tagalongs, Adventurefuls (last year’s new addition), and Do-si-dos.

New Jersey, I think we can do better than Thin Mints.

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