I woke up this morning thinking that my favorite comedian was still alive.  A man that made that such an impact in my personal and professional life had died.  I never got the chance to meet him, but I felt like I knew him though the characters he played.  If it wasn't for Robin Williams, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing today.


Here are five Robin Williams movies that impacted me the most.  I'm going to say this up front, you're going to disagree with me.  Some of the movies listed were ranked lower than movies that won more awards. This isn't necessarily a list of 'Robin's top five films', just the movies that impacted my life.  I invite you to do the same by commenting below.  Let's get started:



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    Good Will Hunting

    I had a toss up between this and Mrs. Doubtfire.  Pretty big difference in movie selection, but then again, Robin Williams was great in both comedy and drama.   While Robin was brilliant and quite hilarious as a 'nanny', I find that one of his serious roles is quite memorable.  Who could forget the 'it's not your fault' scene?  (NSFW)

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    I read about the great Peter Pan many times throughout my childhood, but when I was eight, my uncle took my sister and I to see 'Hook'.  It was 'Hook' that made me want to fly to Neverland.  My imagination ran wild, not to mention the constant chanting of 'Rufio!! Rufio!! Ru-Fi-Oooooo!!!' on the way home.  My Uncle couldn't wait to drop my sister and I back home.  Robin showed us that we all still have a kid in us, and that life is too short, so enjoy it.

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    Good Morning Vietnam

    Robin goes to Vietnam during war to put a smile on the face of soldiers.  He did it through radio.  It was one of the most important movies of my life. because it inspired me to be in this business.  In this particular clip, Robin walks into the studio, cracks open a mic for the first time, and BRINGS IT.  I've lived in three cities during my time in radio, and I've ALWAYS wanted my very first break to sound similar to this.


    It NEVER happened.  In fact, I always ended up puking in the bathroom before I made my debut.  So much for that.

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    Dead Poets Society

    In Dead Poets Society, Robin Williams plays an English professor that goes above and beyond for his students, and even breaks a few rules all at the same time. Robin's character reminds me of my communications professor.  He was like my second Father, and took me under his wing.  I ended up working for him for two summers on campus, and soon began to realize the passion I had for the arts.  He believed in me, and like a young Ethan Hawk, I finally came out of my shell.  By the way, did you know that Ethan dropped out of college to have a role in this film?  Carpe Diem, seize the day boys.  Make your lives extraordinary. 

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    THIS is the part where you say WHAT??!!!  Growing up, I would visit my Father every summer.  Between the ages of 4-10, my Dad would pop in Popeye on VHS.  We would sing the songs, remember the lines, and allow Robin Williams to make us smile.  I know this film isn't exactly the most popular choice, and it probably won't even be in the top ten on any other website, but it meant a lot to me.  Watching this movie was one of the best times with my Dad.

    There are so many more films that make Robin Williams so special.  Patch Adams is one of the few films that made me cry, Mrs. Doubtfire and Death to Smoochy still makes me laugh, and Aladdin is still my favorite animated Disney movie.  I feel like I lost a friend last night.


    Thank you for the memories, you will continue to live in our minds and hearts through your movies.  RIP Robin Williams.

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