After 2020, expect to see new faces on our dollar bills, including Mount Laurel's own Alice Paul.

Earlier this week, news spread that Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. Now Burlington County Times says, Mount Laurel native Alice Paul, will be one of the women featured on the back of the new $10 bills.

As a history buff, I think this is SO awesome. And her story is remarkable as well.

Alice Paul was born to Quaker parents in Mount Laurel back in 1885, and became a key advocate in the woman's suffrage movement. She is also the original author of the proposed Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution, which sadly failed to pass.

Regardless, she is still credited to leading the way for women to vote through the 19th Amendment. So, ladies we have her to thank!

Currently, the fight to pass the Equal Rights Amendment continues to this day.

Alice Paul will be among historical women like Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stantion, Sojourner Truth and Lucretia Mott on the back of the $10 Bill. For now, Alexander Hamilton will remain on the front.

According to Burlington County Times, the new $10 bills will be unveiled for the 100th anniversay of women's right to vote.

As a woman, and fellow South Jersey-ian, I cannot be any more proud!

Visit Burlington County Times to learn more about Alice Paul and The Alice Paul Institute.




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