A Burlington Township woman that was accused of selling phony Sheryl Crow concert tickets has finally pled guilty on Tuesday.

Perhaps you remember her? Last year, Kelly Bryan tricked Sheryl Crow fans into buying fake tickets for a make-believe concert! She even had a venue and date set to create the perfect scheme!

Well, let's fast forward a year later! Burlington County Times reports Bryan has entered a guilty plea to 'third-degree theft by deception' at Burlington County Courthouse in Mount Holly.

During questioning, she admitted to falsely advertising the concert on Facebook between December 2014 and May 2015. Not only did she trick fans, but Bryan also booked vendors through her "company," 'KBR Promotions LLC.'

Luckily, out of the 50-100 affected, those who paid online were reimbursed.

As of now, Kelly Bryan has to undergo a psych evaluation and as to abide by other court-ordered treatments. And I think it's with good reason, although I'm very impressed she even managed to carry this out.

Also, imagine how awkward it was for Sheryl Crow to hear the news, yikes!

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