The official start of the 2020 summers season is just about three weeks away. The summer solstice arrives in South Jersey on Saturday, June 20th at 5:44 PM.

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This will be a much different summer with changes to the sights and sounds of the season thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

One of the changes for this summer will take place at Morey's Piers and Water Parks located on the iconic Wildwood Boardwalk.

According to a report from the Ocean Oasis Water Park and Beach Club will likely not open their doors for the 2020 summer season amid concerns of  COVID-19.

Also staying closed for safety precautions for the entire summer season will be one of Morey's Piers. The Pier that will stay closed has yet to be determined. Plans could also change during the course of the summer season.

Rides and Water Parks are still closed at this time. Starting June 1st, you will be able to reserve a room and stay at one of Morey Hotels and Resorts.

Check back for more updates as we get ready to officially start the 2020 summer season.



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