Need a haircut or want to (legally) go to the gym in the Garden State? Your wait might be over pretty soon.

And by "pretty soon" we mean a few more weeks.

Thursday morning on CNBC, Gov. Murphy said hair salons, barbershops, and gyms across the state could reopen with restrictions in, "a matter of weeks, not months." reports Murphy said, "I don’t have a date, but I would hope it is a matter of weeks. If we keep seeing the curves and the progress we’ve seen — that’s the most important piece of this," on the business news network.

The governor went on to say, "The toughest nuts to crack are inside — no ventilation, sedentary. That means indoor dining is gonna be more complicated than outdoor dining. The barber shop which all of us need, the salon, the gym, those are complicated. I’m hopeful that with the progress we’ve been making, that’s a matter of weeks."

As for casinos, Murphy isn't sure yet. Appearing Thursday morning on WPG, the governor said it's challenging due to the close proximity of people on a gaming floor. He said, "It’s a huge game-changer in our economy and in the lives of literally tens of thousands of people out there. I would love nothing more to say we’re ready to go, we’re just not there yet."

Murphy's comments come during a busy week for the governor. Earlier this week, he lifted restrictions on a handful of activities like being able to visit batting cages or shooting ranges. On Wednesday, Murphy allowed people to buy cars, motorcycles, and bicycles in person. Meanwhile, the spotlight was on a gym in Bellmawr, Camden County, which openly defied Murphy's executive orders to not open. After being open for two days, Atilis Gym was shut-down by state and county officials Thursday morning.

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