If you were waiting for all the shoobies to disperse before heading to the boardwalk this year, looks like you have some extra time to make that happen.

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Originally set to shut down this weekend (September 20th), Morey's Piers on the Wildwood Boardwalk have added an additional weekend to their calendar. According to Wildwood Video Archive, the piers are normally open through October. With a late start due to coronavirus and the rides previously set close about 3 weeks earlier than they would under normal circumstances, the news to add a weekend is exciting for us locals who have been anxious to have our shore fun sans tourists. The rides, as of now, will stop running after the last weekend in September.

Now, it's important to note that only Mariner's Pier will be open for the next two weekends. Adventure Amusement Pier hasn't been open all year and Surfside Amusement Pier has officially closed for the season. Better than nothing though, right?

Let the fun continue!

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