A South Jersey mom spent weeks consoling her young son after their pet parrot Carrot went missing from their Cherry Hill home. Where he was found is astonishing.

Suzi Mede's family pet 'Carrot the Parrot' flew his Cherry Hill coup on February 8th, leaving her son heartbroken.

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When a pet goes missing, the fear and worry are DEEP. You just lay awake at night wondering where they could be and what's happened to them.

But on March 20th, more than a month after Carrot had been gone, a school teacher named Sarah Watson spotted the Sun Conure parrot on the balcony of her Jersey City home, according to Patch.com.

That's, like, 90 miles from Cherry Hill! Carrot went on quite a journey!

Watson was able to safely capture Carrot, and the parrot ended up with Liberty Humane Society. Shortly after, Suzi Mede's got the call she'd been hoping for, that Carrot had been found.

The Medes were so grateful to those who cared for Carrot while he was away from home, that they started an online fundraiser to collect donations for Liberty Humane Society.


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