South Jersey hasn't had a professional athlete to gush over since Audubon's Joe Flacco entered the NFL.  But rookie baseball player Mike Trout has become the pride of his hometown of Millville, not to mention the entire Garden State.  And the city plans to place their affection where everyone can see it.

Millville Mayor Tom Shannon announced Tuesday night that the town has reached an agreement with Major League Baseball to raise multiple banners of Mike Trout that are expected to remain in place through December 2014.


Shannon tells The Daily Journal:

“It’s taken pretty much all summer working through their (MLB) legal, getting permission from the Anaheim Angels to be able to do this.”

The banners will read “Welcome to Millville, NJ. Home of Angels’ Mike Trout.” His jersey number, 27, and  Trout holding a bat to his shoulder will also be pictured.

Trout, who could receive Rookie of The Year and who has graced the cover of both ESPN magazine and Sports Illustrated, has put up impressive numbers for the American League in his first year of play for the Los Angeles Angels.