Vineland Public Schools launched a tracking system program for its bus riders in January. Now, the school district seeks to expand it across the board.

The way this tracking system works is through card reading technology installed on Vineland's buses. The students would scan their student cards as they board the bus alerting their parents they have indeed boarded (or un-boarded) the bus safely.

Vineland Public Schools had invested $10,000 in this service and it seems to be working well for the schools currently involved.

The Daily Journal reports that this 'Z-Pass' system is perfect for parents because they no longer have to worry if they're children made it to the bus. There was one scenario, where a child got off at her friend's house. The system immediately alerted her parents, and they were able to track her immediately.

So, you can see how this could ease the minds of working parents unable to pick their students up after school.

Joe Callavini, Transportation Director for Vineland Schools, plans to ask the school board for an extra $35,000 so that its available for ALL schools.

What do you think? Worth the investment?



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