Fair warning... you may want to grab some tissues for this one.

It won't be your allergies making your eyes water after you watch the video of Chief Warrant Officer Christine Czaja reunite with her two daughters on her daughter Skylar's birthday yesterday. According to the Press of Atlantic City, Czaja is a member of the Army National Guard and has been stationed overseas in Iraq for ten months now. Czaja was able surprise her daughters at their grade school, Bishop Mc Hugh in Cape May Court House, during a morning assembly where all the students reportedly were under the impression they had a guest speaker coming to chat with the group.

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The girls knew their mother was expected home some time before Easter, but had no idea how soon that day would actually come. Needless to say, 14-year-old Riley and 9-year-old Skylar got the shock of a lifetime when they realized the so-called "guest speaker" was their mama. Cue the waterworks right then and there; that's where the video gets emotional. To make the reunion even better, the family reunited on Skylar's 9th birthday. One heck of a birthday present, huh?

Czaja reportedly coordinated the emotional reunion with the girls' teachers who wanted to make the moment one nobody in attendance would ever forget. In fact, everybody made out like bandits as a result of this reunion because afterwards, cupcakes were distributed as a fun treat to celebrate Skylar's birthday.

Skylar was even asked by friends whether or not she thought her mom would be home in time for her birthday. As it turns out, that answer is a 'yes'.

Sources: PressOfAtlanticCity.com, Youtube

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