It’s hard to believe that four years ago this week the King of Pop died suddenly at the age of 50.

Michael Jackson was an inspiration to many artists due to his signature wardrobe and moon walking. Since his death, it has come as no surprise that many pop artists have recognized him by imitating his personal style and moves.

Chris Brown:


Fans of Chris Brown love him for his one of a kind voice but also for his outstanding dancing abilities in his music videos and on stage. Because of this, Brown is commonly compared to Jackson and he takes this as a compliment saying, “Michael Jackson is the reason why I do music and why I am an entertainer.”

Justin Timberlake:


Everyone knows that JT has moves, but his MJ inspiration is seen more in his music rather than in his dancing. JT’s hit track “Rock Your Body” was actually intended for Jackson’s 2001 album Invincible. JT was even lucky enough to perform with the King of Pop in 2001 at Jackson’s 30th Anniversary Show at Madison Square Garden.

Britney Spears:


From her common use of fedoras to her choreography, Spears has envisioned MJ in a wide variety of her works. The pop princess got to share the stage with Jackson also during his 30th Anniversary Show and after his death said, "He has been an inspiration throughout my entire life and I'm devastated he's gone!"



Jackson can be seen in the soulful R&B singer’s unique style and energy when he performs. Ne-Yo got the chance to perform with Jackson in the spring of 2009, which was just shortly before his death.

"He told me, 'I'm about to do another album, I wanna work with you...,” said Ne-Yo. "I met up in New York and then he smiles and gives me a hug and he goes, 'You know what my favorite song of yours is? Please don't worry 'bout me I'm fine,' and he started singing my damn song. I almost lost it at that point."



Madonna can be compared to none, but we can still see some MJ in her on stage outfits and presence on stage. Both of these qualities made MJ a one of a kind artist and performer, which is exactly what Madonna is.

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