Sure you've heard of therapy dogs, but have you heard of therapy chickens? Meet Rosebud, the therapy chicken making her rounds around South Jersey!

Yes, this two-year-old little chickie is making her way across Cherry Hill visiting senior citizen homes, libraries, schools and festivals and is a crowd favorite among patients. With her cuddly, smooth and calm feathers, they consider her a good friend:

Gwenne Baile, Rosebud's caretaker, was a nurse-midwife who turned her love for chickens as a full time job! I mean, Rosebud even has her own Facebook page:

This little 4 pound feathery bundle of joy is bringing happiness to other people and I'm HERE FOR IT. You can follow her journey on Facebook, through 'On the Road With Rosebud, the Therapy Chicken."

Does this mean I can have my therapy alpaca now?

Source: 6abc News

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