While approval for a medical marijuana facility in Egg Harbor Township happened earlier this year, the growing process is now about ready to begin, and could spark another round of controversy in the upcoming election.

New Jersey passed legislation more than 2 years ago permitting the distribution of marijuana to patients with qualifying conditions, like multiple sclerosis and terminal cancer.  Wallace McKelvey of The Press of Atlantic City has reported that the process of certifying vendors and securing facilities has been arduous.

New Jersey currently contradicts federal law in the world of medical marijuana, making it difficult to gain funding for those legitimately trying to be a vender.  This new setup in EHT (a warehouse in the Offshore Commercial Park off Delilah Road) will be creating marijuana in a legit function.  Patients who have been pre-approved by the state Department of Health will be able to benefit from this facility.  The Press of A.C. reports that about 50,000 people statewide use marijuana illegally for conditions the dispensary will cover.

As the growth process for this facility is about to begin, it opens the door to the bigger issue over the legalization of marijuana.  This single issue could become an important debate topic in the upcoming presidential election.  Could the legalization of marijuana create Billions of dollars toward the government debt if taxed?  Could the legalization help in the border crisis with Mexico and curtail the flow of illegal drugs?