A group of ladies dressed up as witches took to the waters of Medford Lake over the weekend for a good cause.

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But these were no wicked witches. They're good witches who paddleboarded on Sunday using brooms to help them navigate the lake. The women braved the rain and chillier temperatures, all to raise donations for the Medford Lakes Lions Club, reports 6abc.com.

The idea to paddleboard as witches to raise awareness for the charitable organization came from member Brooke Allen-Watson, reportedly a big fan of Halloween.

Medford Lakes Lions Club Vice President Suzy West told 6abc, "Having [that] additional funds will really help us to be able to help the community as much as we can". She continues, "It's really important, especially going into this Christmas charities time because a lot of organizations are strapped for cash and then also for the toys that we get".

I think Medford Lakes Lions Club deserves a big congratulations, not only for their idea, but for their spirit and positive attitude. They really pulled together to be able to make sure they can go on supporting their community as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to put a strain on families and resources.

It seems so neat on a gloomy, misty fall day you could see all these 'witches' paddling around Medford Lake. Because, in 2020, we know that The Wizard of Oz's Wicked Witch of the West would certainly have flown by Dorothy's window on a paddleboard instead of just riding her broom, lol.

Well done, ladies! You're an inspiration!

SOURCES: 6abc.com

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