Things and people come and go out of your life and you miss them.

I've been a resident of Egg Harbor Township for almost 25 years, and there are things and places in the area that I sincerely miss that no longer exist.

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You'll notice in the headline I mentioned Volcanic Eruptions in Mays Landing. For the record - and my hand is firmly placed on a bible - I never actually went into Volcanic Eruptions. I was never in their parking lot. I just liked knowing a strip club was nearby if I ever needed it.

Actually, I just found it funny that a strip club stood its ground for several years as new retail and entertainment surrounded it. It was as if the good was attacking the bad - and the good finally won.

Here are some other local things that I miss.

Damon's A Place for Ribs in the English Creek Shopping Center. Chickie and Pete's took over the building long ago, but I remember Damon's having a very fun kids' night. (Not for me, for my kids.) Was it that good? Maybe not, but it continues to provide good memories of when the kids were little.

TW Sports on the Black Horse Pike in EHT. Again, it was a fun place to take the kids. (Dad may even have enjoyed himself a time or two on the go-karts.)

Krispy Kreme Donuts on Tilton Road in Northfield. They only lasted a few short years, but they were great donuts, weren't they?

Krispy Kreme Revenue Jumps Over 15 Percent In First Quarter
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Chi Chi's restaurant outside the Shore Mall. It was Mexican food for those of us who never treaded into a "real" restaurant, right? Another fun place to eat.

The Towne 16 Theater. You know it was good because they spelled Towne with an "e." It was a great local theater - certainly not a chain. Maybe it was the popcorn that was so good.....

Photo: Google Maps
Photo: Google Maps

Atlantic City sports teams: The Surf baseball team, the Boardwalk Bullies hockey team, and most recently the Card Sharks indoor football team. All provided a fun night out that was different.


So, is it the things and places we miss - or is it the great memories that we cherish?

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