As we head into the final months of 2022, it is officially the off-season for South Jersey beach towns like Cape May. Even though Cape May does an exceptional job at attracting an off-season tourist crowd, things have definitely quieted down from summer, which means fewer people.

That's why I love this time of year in Cape May!

It's my favorite time of year to visit the delicious Cape May restaurants that stay open year-round.

Sure, many of Cape May's trendy eateries will be closed until May, but just as many fantastic restaurants will be open all winter.

We are talking about a nice mix of the best-known, long-time favorites and a few relatively new additions that are making a name for themselves in the competitive Cape May restaurant market.

This year, I have also included some of the restaurants which are open a portion of the off-season.

I have spoken directly with most of the restaurants about this schedule, in order to ensure accuracy. However, over the course of the long off-season, any of these eateries could change their plan based on business and the amount of available help.

In all, I have compiled over 25 Cape May restaurants with various styles and price ranges that all offer a great meal and a good atmosphere.

Take a look at the gallery below and try a year-round Cape May restaurant this off-season. You can thank me later.

Delicious Cape May Restaurants Open Year-Round 2022-2023

The off-season is my favorite time of year to visit Cape May. You will find that the least crowded time is a great time to try some delicious Cape May restaurants that stay open year-round or most of the off-season.

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