There are SOOOOO many stores we wish would finally set up at least one shop in either Atlantic and Cape May Counties.

When you think about South Jersey's western counterparts (Gloucester and Camden Counties), there are countless stores and restaurants that we dream about opening closer to our neck of the woods. Slowly but surely, businesses are making their way to this part of the region -- emphasis on the word "slowly."

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Whenever you poll Atlantic and Cape May County residents about which stores they wish would open a location somewhere close by, you almost always see grocery store Trader Joe's on the list more than once. The closest Trader Joe's to people in Atlantic County is located in Cherry Hill, Camden County. That's quite a hike, 45 minutes, in fact.

However, people will trek out there regardless of the commute time to take advantage of everything the organic grocery store has to offer, especially this time of year. Still, many South Jersey residents, particularly in Mays Landing, have expressed how much they'd like to have one a tad bit closer. One resident took matters into her own hands and shared the Trader Joe's location request form to a local Mays Landing Facebook group.

Unfortunately, many people don't believe flooding their network with submissions for a South Jersey location will have much of an impact. However, if enough people submit the form, who knows? Maybe, South Jersey will finally get ONE of the stores they've always dreamed of having.

Submit your request for Trader Joe's to come to South Jersey HERE.

Source: Facebook

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