Mary Lee, everyone's favorite great white shark, may be stopping by the Jersey Shore during Memorial Day Weekend!

OK, so it may be a little dorky of me to constantly follow Mary Lee's whereabouts (and follow her on Twitter) but I can't help it! I'm weirdly obsessed.

Besides I'm not the only one -- she has over 100,000 followers!

Anyway, according to OCEARCH (a non profit research organization that follows Mary Lee), Mary Lee is edging her way closer to the Jersey Shore. As of Tuesday morning, she's off the coast of Virginia, and is coming pretty fast.

She's traveled 40 miles within the last 24 hours!

Since she's so close to the shore, perhaps I should send her an invite to the SoJO Kick Off Memorial Day Party on the Deck at Golden Nugget?

Kidding, but if you want to join me in spirit and track Mary Lee's whereabouts just visit OCEARCH, where you can learn more about her and/or donate!

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