Leading up to Thursday's concert on the Atlantic City Beach, SoJO is giving away Rascal Flatts tickets during SoJO Do You Know every morning at 7:15! If you went to the Maroon 5 concert, here are a few changes you'll see this Thursday according to The Press of Atlantic City:


There will be two additional general admission entrances.  There was only one (yes, one) entrance on Kentucky Avenue this past Sunday.  An updated site map will be available by tomorrow.


If you bought preferred seating, which is at zone 1, you will be able to enter through the VIP entrances at Michigan and Ohio Avenues.


50,000 people packed the Atlantic City Beach Sunday.  There were no arrests, but three people were taken to the hospital because of heat exhaustion.


Did you go to the concert? What would you like to see differently next time you to a Atlantic City Beach Concert? Feel free to comment below.....


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