Get ready Margate, dune replenishment is coming your way -- and at the worst possible time.As a resident of Margate, I have been lightly following the dune debate. Now, it appears that it has been decided that dune replenishment will LATE JUNE.

Late June, aka peak summer months for shore towns. After experiencing my first summer in Margate last year, I have seen how busy it can get. Now, it's being hit with construction during its busiest and most profitable time.

On the bright side, only four blocks of Margate's beach will be blocked at a time and we can still use our beach passes in Longport. BUT, the down side is the U.S. Army Corps will be working 24 hours a day. All I'm imagining is noise, and difficulty getting around.

And, if you thought looking for parking in the summer was hard, get ready for when this starts.

Then again, this could be me being overdramatic.

So if you were looking forward to being on the beach this summer, also get ready for the dune replenishment that won't be finished until late August. You know, when summer is basically over.

But, hey - at least we'll have dunes.

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