Police in Margate are concerned about a TikTok challenge that has been witnessed in Margate.

Police are warning parents about a "disturbing, and dangerous, viral challenge among children."

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It's called the "Orbeez Challenge," and it's become popular on TikTok. Police say it's being seen done in Margate. According to police, "calls for children to use 'toys' marketed as splatter guns to shoot water beads at unsuspecting people and vehicles." Police call is dangerous - and, say it could cause injuries.

Police say, "The water beads can fire at more than 200 feet/second and some of the models fire more than 10 beads every second."

The use of these toys like this can be illegal and police say people - adults and children - could be charged in such instances.

Here's a look at what is happening:

Finally, Margate Police have issued this note: "Parents, if you have one of these splatter guns in your home, please remain in control of it and ensure it’s ONLY used for play, in proper circumstances, and with appropriate safety gear."

Police ask that anyone seeing these toys used in this manner please call the police.

SOURCE: Margate City Police.

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