No one would argue that one of the hardest aspects of being a teacher must be trying to keep up with the vibe of the classroom.

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Meaning, it has to be hard keeping up with who is friends with who and which kids are being left out of things. As we all know, being the odd man out is difficult when you're a kid. Not to mention, that loneliness is magnified in a school environment. Kids can be cruel, and it's probably not easy for a teacher to address each incident because so much of the bullying happens when teachers aren't looking.

One teacher came up with a brilliant way to keep tabs on her classroom environment that's recently gone viral on social media. The teacher asks the kids to submit the names of the students they'd like to sit with for the following week.

She goes a step further and asks them to submit a student's name at the end of every week that's demonstrated excellent classroom etiquette. By doing that, the teacher is able to keep track of the cliques that are forming as well as the children whose names never seem to be submitted.

Unbeknownst to the children, they're letting the teacher in on which students seem to be the outliers in the class.

What's the point of all this?


It's a genius anti-bullying effort that the teacher has been practicing ever since the havoc wreaked at Columbine High School in the 90s. The teacher told parents that it's an effective way to determine which students might be having a difficult time. It's a way to make sure everyone feels noticed, included, and valued. Basically, the ultimate goal is to circumvent any potential loneliness.

Once the method was shared online, the consensus from most people on social media is that this teacher has been saving lives -- for YEARS. People do desperate things when they're lonely and in desperate need of attention. This is just one way of being proactive that seems to have been working ever since 1999.

Take note, teachers, because this is BRILLIANT. See for yourself:

Source: Facebook

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