Round one is done, now onto round two in our March Manness tournament.

We have reached our Sweet Sixteen. Four guys from music, four guys from sports, four guys from movies, and four guys from TV. Now, it's time to narrow it down even further.

Vote below for each second round match-up in the sports category.

Be sure to fill out the form at the bottom as well so you can win a private room at the Melting Pot for you and six of your friends.


(1) David Beckham vs. (4) Chase Utley

March Manness: David Beckham vs. Chase Utley

Sure, David Beckham is gorgeous and easily beat out Kelly Slater in round one. But, has Becks ever given you a parade? Because Chase Utley has given you a parade, and he beat one of the world's top tennis players in Rafael Nadal to get here.

(3) Cristiano Ronaldo vs. (7) Jenson Button

March Manness: Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Jenson Button

Cristiano Ronaldo is hot, no question about it. In fact, Ronaldo easily beat Matt Hughes in round one and could have even been in the two spot from the start. But if he was, would he have fallen to the relative-unknown Jenson Button? I mean, you know you're hot when you beat Gisele's man, Tom Brady, that easily.

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