Get your child off the phone, laptop, or game console with my app for this week, 'unGlue.'

Although I don't have children, I do have nephews who are OBSESSED with iPads, iPhones, i-anything, honestly. Whenever we take these devices away, their reactions aren't very pretty.

So, when I came across 'unGlue,' I thought how perfect is this app? It teaches children about self-control with these devices, and limits distractions when they have chores and homework to do.

'unGlue' allows parents to set or schedule time limits for children to use devices. When time is up, it's time to hand the device over, or parents are able to simple turn off the Wi-Fi from their phones. Pretty cool, right?

The app also provides a sort of give-and-take system. Children are able to 'roll over' unused minutes to use for the next day, or request more time if they do their chores.

'unGlue' is currently the top downloaded apps in the App Store at the moment, and I could see why!

If you're looking to have more control over your children's screen time, download 'unGlue.' It is of course, free!

See how it works below:

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