When this man was told he wasn't allowed BY LAW to pump his own gas, he assaulted a gas pump attendant on Route 70 in Evesham Township.

According to Evesham Township Police, the incident happened on May 10 at a 7-Eleven on Route 70. They still haven't caught the man responsible:

For those who are unaware (which at this point how do you NOT know), New Jersey is one of the two states in the US you are not permitted to pump your own gas.

Regardless of your views on this law, it's safe to say this is a luxury we've come to embrace here in New Jersey. Why anyone would get frustrated to the point you assault the poor gas attendant is beyond me!

Luckily, Philly Voice says the gas pump attendant wasn't seriously injured. But, this man is still on the loose. Anyone with information is asked to contact Evesham PD at 856-983-1116, anonymously at 856-983-4699 or by email Facebook@Eveshampd.org.

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