Scientists have discovered where exactly Maine Atlantic puffins spend the winter, and it's right off the coast of New Jersey and New York!

Okay, to my unscientific eye, puffins look like these adorable flying penguins mixed with a toucan. Amirite??

BUT, they are actually these colorful seabirds that spend their breeding season and summer in coastal areas, like Maine for instance. Then, when autumn and winter rolls around, they're out on the open ocean waters.

Researchers have been baffled as to where puffins spend their winter break. And yes, I said "winter break" because I am totally picturing them wearing Hawaiian shirts and carrying suitcases. But, I digress.

 It's been discovered that the area these puffins go to is 200 miles southeast of Cape Cod. According to Stephen Kress, director of Audubon Seabird Restoration Program, you can find puffins vacationing over underwater canyons and sea mountains in the Atlantic.

On a serious note, why is this so important?

Since puffins are an endangered species, being able to know where they go helps to conserve the species. They face threats like: commercial fishing, offshore wind and climate change.

Hopefully, now this will be a helpful step towards conservation efforts.

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