Our lives has changed drastically in these last six months. The coronavirus pandemic has warped our world and forced many of us to stay away from crowds, which can include office settings. Many businesses and offices have staffs of too large a number to keep working in the actual office, so many employees have begun doing something they've never had to do, and that is, work from home.

Yes, some people were jumping for joy as they've always wanted to work from home, but for some, especially those who have young kids who were doing virtual learning, it was more stressful than they thought. Now there's something new people have to worry about, that's being hacked while they're on their work computers.

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Yahoo says, there's a Russian ransomware scare and the victims are all that working from home through their wifi networks. As workers go online at their home and especially log onto meeting apps and forums like Zoom, it makes people more vulnerable to hackers. Now more than ever these apps and programs are being used and hackers are taking full advantage. There are many computer programs that you can get to protect your computer, you can check those out here. They're all relatively cheap too, so you might as well invest in one. Also, make sure that your wifi has a password on it. Don't let anyone else access it.

Read more about this threat here.

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