I don't know how Selena Gomez is going to feel about her BFF lunching with the girl who called her music 'pathetic'.  Maybe Taylor Swift was just trying to smooth things over with Lorde on Selena's behalf.

Does Taylor really have to do all Gomez' dirty work?  Not long ago New Zealand newcomer Lorde called Selena's song 'Come & Get It' for being anti-feminist.  Furthermore, she also said in an interview that she would never want to be like Taylor Swift because that kind of perfection is unattainable and a bad example for real girls.

But the two singers seem to have ironed out their differences over milkshakes.  A fan snapped the gals at a New York City Shake Shack.  No details were given about the nature of their meeting or what they talked about.  But perhaps Taylor wanted to confront her critic in person and get to the bottom of the insults.

However, onlookers did notice that Swift requested 17-year old Lorde pick up the lunch tab.

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