Airbnb has become the site where you can find unique places to stay overnight. Now being added to that list is none other than Lucy the Elephant. Lucy stands tall and proud in Margate welcoming guests to get an amazing view of the Jersey Shore from her back. Now guests will be able to take that experience up a notch and spend the night inside the historic landmark.

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Beginning March 5th at 12:00 PM reservations will be accepted to stay at the new Airbnb, with one night stays for two people beginning March 17th. This experience is exclusive to the nights of March 17, 18, and 19. Since Lucy is a historic landmark, they want to be able to preserve her integrity by keeping the stays to a minimum, plus tours begin to ramp up to 5 days a week in April.

The overnight stay will be $138, which is how long Lucy has been living on the Jersey Shore. The stay does include dinner and breakfast from local restaurants and a goodie bag filled with Lucy items and other things from local businesses and attractions.

Guests will be transported back in time during their stay, with the decor replicating the Victorian Era. The Airbnb listing states, “Upon arrival, and after you store your clothing in the antique trunk (not to be confused with my trunk), the grand bed, sculptures, and vibrant flower arrangements will take you right back to the Victorian era.”

The stay at Lucy is also helping with keeping her in tip-top shape, Airbnb is donating to the Save Lucy Committee to ensure Lucy is in Margate forever.

Back in 1902, Lucy was a summer home to a doctor and his family, the decor inside Lucy for this once in a lifetime stay replicated the way she looked back then. When she opened up as a tourist attraction not long after, it cost only 10 cents for visitors.

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