I would never personally own a pet pig, but everyone is different.  If you own a pet pig, you should have the right to have one, as long as you're doing it legally.



Susannah Morgan Slaughter of Somers Point been through a number of legal battles because of Sheldon the Pig.  She wants to keep him, but according to NBC 40, 'Slaughter didn't apply for the necessary variance that would've allowed the pig at her home. It's what the city said was necessary after amending an ordinance that initially said livestock could not be kept on residential properties.'


Slaughter has been raising awareness and has started an online fundraiser called 'Save Our Sheldon'. She claims hundreds of dollars have been pouring in, and it will be used to pay for any costs made to the city to keep her pig.


We at least know that Sheldon is staying with one of her friends, so at least she gets visitation rights.


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