A new drug and alcohol policy is in full effect, and students aren't too thrilled about it....


Mainland Regional High School is issuing random drug and alcohol testing to students with special privileges---'those who play a sport, are involved in a club or extracurricular activity or have applied for a parking pass in the school lot.' (Press of Atlantic City)


OK, so pretty much all of the students are getting a random test.  Students and parents have to sign a consent form, stating that they understand that the student will be entered into a lottery pool for random testing.


Sounds fair?


Students disagree, feeling that it's an invasion of their privacy, and whatever they choose to do outside of school is their business.


From that point of view, I say do the drug tests.  You shouldn't be doing drugs, and you're not old enough to drink, so why even go there?


On the other hand, the policy does seem a little controlling.


(No offense guys---Go Mustangs)




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