She's gone viral! And for good reason, too...

Mainland High School's Veronica Fath, a teaching assistant from Linwood, has gone viral for her good deeds she's carrying out for the Atlantic County town's kids in the middle of the coronavirus outbreak.

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With kids quarantined at home, many aren't getting the meals they normally would if they were still able to attend school. So many depend on the school to feed them at least one meal a day. Fath told Fox 29 that the need was one that absolutely had to be met, so she and some other staff from Mainland High School have been packing up food in the mornings for the bus drivers to deliver to the surrounding towns. reports that when Fath realized she was being hailed as the saint that she most absolutely is for organizing all of this for the kids, she responded by expressing that she's not doing this all by herself. She expressed gratitude for all involved with making sure the kids are fed.



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