These fish are nuts.....


A fisherman in a New Jersey lake hooked an exotic fish, rumored to feast on testicles.



It's called the Pacu, which was also spotted in Denmark.  According to NBC News, The toothy South American fish has crept into lakes and rivers far outside its native range, likely after getting loose from aquariums and fish farms. the invasive species has reportedly earned a bad reputation after castrating a couple of local fishermen.


How it ended up swimming in the Passaic's Third Ward Veterans Memorial Park, with it's orange belly and rounded human like teeth, remains a mystery.  We can only assume that someone had it in a fish tank, and just dumped it in a lake because it was too big.


Wait, that sounds like I know too much details behind that incident.


Anyways, if you don't believe this story that I'm reporting, then watch this video from NBC 10

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