Police say two 12-year-old boys are accused of attempting to sell prescription sleeping pills to their Burlington County school classmates. 

The pre-teens stole a family member's bottle of Ambien and brought the pills to their Riverside Township school this week.  The boys tried to sell the meds to fellow students for $10 each, 6abc.com reports.

"They didn't know, that was the problem and there was really no knowledge on what they were consuming," School Resource Officer Anthony Congemi said.

The two boys allegedly consumed the Ambien along with just one other student.  A total of 15 pills were missing.

Those boys have been charged for possessing and distributing prescription drugs on school property.

Police were allegedly notified of the drug sale via an anonymous tip.

Parents want to know why they still haven't received any information from the school regarding the incident.  Most found out via social media.

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