A well-respected, high-profile food publication has just released its list of the 50 best new restaurants in America, and three of them are located in Philly.

Bon Appétit’s 50 Best New Restaurants list has us taking notes for the next time we find ourselves hungry in the City of Brotherly Love.

Let us introduce you to the trio of new dining establishments in Philly that caught the attention of Bon Appétit editors.

Her Place, 1740 Sansom Street, near Rittenhouse Square

Masaaki Komari/Unsplash
Masaaki Komari/Unsplash

Her Place is a supper club open Monday from 5-9p and Tuesday through Friday from 6p-8:30p. The club serves a prix-fixe menu only that changes every two weeks. Their official website states, "The menu is what the menu is!" meaning no substitutions. You get what you get and don't get upset, lol.

Her Place offers inventive dishes, like this week's spaghetti with corn and charred tomatoes.

Of Her Place Supper Club, Bon Appétit writes, "Snagging a reservation may be a struggle, but a meal here is pure, unbridled joy."

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Korshak Bagels, 1700 S. 10th Street


Korshak Bagels are "made with a natural, wild yeast fermented starter (named: Helen Mirren) and go through a 48-hour slow-rise process. They are boiled (or poached) for a hot minute and then baked in a deck oven on soaked cedar boards wrapped in burlap before they are flipped onto the hearthstone of the deck, resulting in a bagel that is crisp and chewy, delicious and delightful."

Master bagel maker Phil Korshak began the baking he's so proud of nearly 20 years ago, and doesn't want there to be any confusion: "It’s not a New York bagel. It’s not a Montreal bagel. It’s a Korshak Bagel, made right here in South Philly."

Of Korshak's, Bon Appétit writes, "Even the most basic elements of the menu are crafted with extravagant care."

Irwin's Upstairs, 1901 South 9th Street (8th Floor of Bok Building)


This Italian restaurant by Chef Michael Ferreri offers Sicilian-style cuisine with a modern flare. How about Whole Fish with grilled citrus and salsa verde, or Gnocchi Sardi with eggplant and chili?

Of Irwin's, Bon Appétit writes, "Every plate that hits the table—be it a seasonal vegetable caponata, transcendent plate of chewy handmade trofie, or sticky agrodolce chicken—positively sings, dancing on the razor’s edge between rusticity and precision that makes good Southern Italian cooking so thrilling."

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