Step aside, Russian spambots. The Lady Gaga stans are here, and they are not about to let Tom Hardy’s thicc comic book anti-hero outshine Mother Monster’s big movie debut. A Star Is Born and Venom are both hitting theaters this weekend, and despite the fact that all signs (i.e. early reviews) point to the former dominating the box office , Lady Gaga’s fans aren’t taking any chances.

It would appear that Gaga’s famously devout fanbase is also a highly-coordinated one, as they’ve launched a smear campaign against Venom by spamming Twitter with fake, negative reviews of the Spider-Man spinoff:

As you can see, the Little Monsters (their words, not mine) are following a pre-written script with little variation, that goes something like: “I am the biggest Marvel fan but I just watched #Venom and I don’t know what to say. Easily the worst movie this year. I expected so much better and now I’m just disappointed.” I’ve gotta hand it to them for the basic logic here. Like how do you convince regular Twitter users who might not be paying attention to film critics that Venom is bad? Just tell them that you’re a big ol’ Marvel fan. Boom. Legit credibility.

What makes this whole campaign especially laughable, however, is that A Star Is Born is already pretty much guaranteed to be a massive box office hit. Early reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, for one thing, and then there’s the bonkers combined power of Lady Gaga’s film debut (in an iconic role previously played by Barbra Streisand and Judy Garland), all-American fave Bradley Cooper completing the first phase in his transition into Clint Eastwood, and that damn song that is seriously everywhere right now and will probably never leave my brain dear god why.

Venom, on the other hand, is tracking for a solid opening weekend — though it’ll likely be eclipsed by Gaga’s goosebump-inducing yodeling and B-Coop’s booze-drenched brooding. It’s not like A Star Is Born really needs an assist, but it’s cute that Lady Gaga’s fans think so.

Anyway, this is all really just an excuse for me to direct you to perhaps the best A Star Is Born meme:

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