I had no idea that eating a Kit-Kat candy bar the way I do would generate such backlash.

I know it's 'break me off a piece', blah blah blah, but for as long as I've been eating Kit-Kat's, I've ALWAYS preferred to eat them straight across, like all at once, instead of breaking them into four individual sticks.

Well, not only did this habit incense my co-workers, who called me everything from 'heathen' to 'serial killer', but my own husband told me if he knew that's how I eat Kit-Kat's he might have reconsidered marrying me, lol. But is it THAT big an infraction?

Now, if I have the snack size Kit-Kat (the two mini-sticks in a package), I DO break THOSE in two. But when I've got the full-size bar, I go all in. Am I a weirdo?

Am I the ONLY one you know that eats a Kit-Kat like this? Let me know in the comment box below, and help a girl out, lol.

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