An old friend, or old monster, is being reincarnated and returning to the North Wildwood Pier!


The new ride will be unveiled Memorial Day Weekend! You will sit in a flying biplane and navigate around a giant lighthouse.  That lighthouse will be climbed by a massive King Kong, who will sport a touristy “I Love WW” T-shirt and clutch one of Wildwood’s infamous tram cars. (Press of Atlantic City)


The original King Kong ride was popular in the mid 70's, so a lot of you may not know about KONG.  Here's a brief history lesson:


Kong’s reign in Wildwood was short-lived. The planes that amusement-goers could ride around Kong were removed in 1975, and the giant ape was moved to the top of the roof of Bonanza Shooting Gallery at Surfside Pier. There, Kong spent just four seasons. In 1980, when Morey’s Piers went to rehab Kong, the fiberglass structure crumbled when workers tried to remove it.
When visitors  returned the following year, Kong was gone.
I'm feeling the hot sun and the smell of funnel cake already! Bring on Kong!