Talk about stage fright!  The Gosselin twin girls may be all grown up, but they clammed out during a recent appearance on NBC's The Today Show.  I just keep thinking that Kate dragged them onto the show and, being typical teenagers, they totally refused to cooperate.  But Kate Gosselin says the now 13-year old Cara and Mady are just shy.

E! News reports Gosselin is standing up for her twin daughters Cara and Mady after the sisters froze during a live TV interview with Today's Savannah Guthrie yesterday. During the segment, the girls stared blankly and barely managed a word when being asked questions similar to ones they answered in a recent People magazine cover story.

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38-year old Kate flew into mama bear mode on Twitter after the interview, tweeting. "They were so excited but caught off guard by live tv! #teenageyrs."

Hmmm, I'm wondering if Kate insisted these girls (who should be in school on a weekday) take the interview, and they just decided if they were going to be forced to do it, then they'd embarrass Kate in the process.  When asked if they twins, whose sextuplet siblings led to the fame of the now-cancelled John and Kate Plus 8 on TLC would like to have they're own reality show, they said yes.  Hello #GrowingUpGosselin?