In a viral TikTok Nov. 21, actress and model Julia Fox addressed a comment about her former relationship with Kanye West.

The comment said, "I just wish you weren't dating a famously violent misogynist and antisemite."

"I was just gonna write about it in my book and then have y'all buy it but I'll just tell you guys for free," Fox said in response.

She then detailed how during their short-lived relationship, West was "being normal" and Fox decided that she could "get him off [Kim Kardashian]'s case" and "distract" him.

"First of all, the man was being normal around me," she began. She added that she has respect for the Kardashians because they used to buy and sell her fashion line in their stores ten years ago.

"I've always had a love for Kim especially," Fox specified. "The big three: Khloé, Kim, Kourtney, those are my girls."

She said that at the time, West had yet to do anything "out there," and when he started texting her, she was initially hesitant to reply because of his celebrity status.

Apparently, West told her she had "bad text etiquette," which is when she realized that she could "distract" him from Kim.

"I was like oh my god, maybe I could get him off of Kim's case. Like maybe I can distract him, like just get him to like me. And I knew, I was like, if anyone can do it, it's me, because when I set my mind to something I do it," she explained.

She went on to claim that during their month-long relationship, West wasn't on social media and rarely discussed his relationship with Kim.

"We only talked about clothes and weird ideas," Fox shared. "It was really beautiful."

The couple broke up in February 2022, "the moment he started tweeting," she said.

"[I was] like 'dude, I'm not gonna stick around for this sh--," she claimed. "I realized pretty quickly that he wasn't gonna take my help. I was delusional, I thought I could help him."

In conclusion, she added that she doesn't want to diminish West's artistry to his "bad moments," but that she stands "with the Jewish community, period."

Watch the video, below:

In a follow-up video, Fox discussed the misogyny women face when it comes to dating.

"If women really didn't date men that upheld patriarchal values or didn't date men that were misogynistic, or had problematic views or did problematic things in the past, or had said problematic things in the past, there would be no men left to date!" she said.

She added, "Don't get mad at me for doing what men trained me to do, which is to overlook the bad stuff and focus on the good."

Singer Bryce Xavier commented on the video, "It’s also very telling that a man makes a mistake and suddenly it’s a woman’s fault by association, as if free will… doesn’t exist?"

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