We've made it to the 4th week of Hamilton Mall's Got Talent! and it certainly wasn't one to miss! 

From booming voices fit for the Broadway stage to edgy dancers who were in sync the whole way through - last night's judging panel certainly had their work cut out for them.

In the end it was Rich Iacuzio's silky smooth vocals that took 3rd place, Nicolette Polombo's dazzling version of Finding Wonderland nabbed 2nd place, and the Royal Nights Drill Team's spectacular dance routine which had the crowd going wild, that earned last night's top spot!

Check out photos from Week 4's performances!

Round 5 of performances for Hamilton’s Mall’s Got Talent! take place next Thursday, August 24th. If you have a talent you want to show off, enter below to become a contestant! It could be YOU who wins $1,500!

Special thanks to Buffalo Wild Wings and the crew from Center Stage Entertainment.

See video from last week's performers:

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