Jon Gosselin tells the truth about his "stripper debut" in the "Untamed Male Revue" at Dusk Nightclub in Caesars Atlantic City.

Remember last week he announced that he will be "performing" at Dusk Nightclub? Turns out, we may have gotten it all wrong:

The "Jon and Kate Plus 8 Star" posted the video to his Facebook page Sunday morning. Apparently, the real event was just to celebrate his 40th birthday!

Sure, he donated a portion of his money to St. Jude's (which is amazing) but the way he told the truth is a little annoying. He even CONFIRMED it on Entertainment Tonight! So, it's not like we jumped to conclusions on our own. Watch for yourself:

Granted, he succeeded in duping us all on April Fool's Day.

Actually...should I really be complaining that Jon Gosselin didn't strip Saturday night? Yeah, probably not.

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