Hometown star Joey McIntyre of New Kids on the Block, who just spoke to SoJO on last week, returned to Boston Monday to run the Boston Marathon in honor of his mom who suffers from Alzheimer's Disease.  Finishing the race in just under four hours, McIntyre had no idea what was about to happen when two bombs went off near the finish line shortly after.









Two people were killed when explosions went off in Boston at the site of the sporting event.  Dozens more are being treated for their injuries, and accounts of the grim scene are beginning to spill in.  Authorities have yet to rule out the incident as a terrorist attack.

Tweeting to fans a short time ago McIntyre wrote 'There was an explosion by the finish line about 5 minutes after I finished--I'm ok but I'm sure there are many hurt.':



McIntyre raised over $30,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association in honor of his mom who suffers from the disease.

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