Earlier this week, I told you about the run in involving Real Housewives of New Jersey's Joe Gorga that was caught on film.

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You can CLICK HERE to view the original video. I warn you, the language is intense.

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The conflict all comes down to one thing: money.

Joe is being recorded as he yells at one of his tenants for owing thousands in rent.

"Pay your f**king rent." "You're a f**king loser." "F**king pay me."

Sounds personal.

It turns out, it was.

Joe Gorga issued a response via video that was published by TMZ.com where he goes into detail about the entire situation.

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According to the Real Housewives of New Jersey star, he personally helped this tenant when he had no credit, no job and no place to live.

Joe goes on to explain that he put a roof over his head to help give him a fresh start.

He only paid rent for the first three months and hasn't been given a dime since.

Joe is alleging that he is owed a whopping $89,000 and it is a personal pet peeve of his when people don't work hard and take advantage of the system.

Joe finishes the video by explaining that he is fortunate enough to be able to afford these mishaps.

If this tenant were to move in to a two-family home locally owned, these practices could bankrupt another family.

If I were Joe, I would be pissed. There's no doubt about it especially if this arrangement started as a friend helping out a friend.

It is also unfortunate that Joe makes some very good points in his follow-up explanation.

However, all of that goes out the window the second you start yelling, cursing and charging at someone. Any faults of this tenants are forgotten because Joe is the one caught on camera losing his cool.

The world has changed immensely in the last ten to twenty years.

Physical intimidation is no longer acceptable.

I hope Joe gets the money he is owed but maybe let the lawyers handle it from here.

Would you say Joe Gorga lives up to any of those Jersey stereotypes?

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