There is perhaps no show more gif-able than Jersey Shore, a debaucherous gem that has gif-ted us (see what I did there?) with everything from Snooki's infamous "Where's the beach?" to more punches, arrests, and fist-pumps than the world could ever need.

Say what you want about the cast, but they're an animated bunch, and their over-the-top antics and shameless one-liners often make for internet gold. (Remember the time Snooki woke up from a nap, full glass of wine still in hand, and began aggressively voguing while chanting, 'F--k it up, f--k it up, f--k it up?" I mean, really, what did we do to deserve such a reality TV treasure?).

The first season of the series' Family Vacation reboot may have officially come and gone, but Season 2 is on the way, and apparently headed back to the boardwalk. What better way to bide the time until Snooki and co.'s homecoming than to commemorate their most relatably gif-able moments online? Below, 23 go-to Jersey Shore gifs every millennial needs in their arsenal.

Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 2 airs this August on MTV.

  • 1

    Looking at Your Snapchat Story from the Night Before

  • 2

    Opening Your Credit Card Statement

  • 3

    Attempting to Run Away from Literally Any Responsibility

  • 4

    Introducing Yourself to a New Friend

  • 5

    Lying to Your Crush About Your Feelings

  • 6

    When Your Family Asks If You're Dating Anyone/Have Any Life Goals

  • 7

    When You See Someone Cute

  • 8

    Explaining Your Love for Brunch

  • 9

    Realizing What You Drunk-Texted Your Ex Last Night

  • 10

    Walking Into Any Man's Apartment for the First Time

  • 11

    Justifying That Morning Beer

  • 12

    Waking Up On Your Day Off

  • 13

    The Face You Make After Sending the Perfect Tweet

  • 14

    Waiting for Your Friend to Stop Texting During Dinner

  • 15

    When You Know You're About to Win an Argument

  • 16

    Doing Any Kind of Physical Activity

  • 17

    Brushing Off Your Haters

  • 18

    When You Find Out Your Celebrity Crush Is Dating Someone

  • 19

    Giving Yourself a Morning Pep Talk

  • 20

    What You Actually Look Like On One of Those Instagram-Famous Pool Floats

  • 21

    Arriving at an Open Bar

  • 22

    Pretending You Know What You're Doing on the Dancefloor

  • 23

    And, Of Course, Watching Any Kind of Reality Show

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