Racquel Bailey is an aspiring actress who like many in her industry is looking to be discovered.  A Jersey Girl who was born, bred, and trained in The Garden State, Bailey is using Atlanta to try to get the attention of one of the most influential filmmakers in the business today, and her approach is proving unique and newsworthy.

Bailey was born in Newark, grew up in Edison, and attended Fairleigh Dickinson University to get her theater degree.  Her career has seen some off-Broadway work, and a small part in a Law & Order episode.  Making her living mostly from teaching dance, she have been averaging 20 auditions a week to get her Big Break.

Nearing broke, instead of retreating, Bailey decide to gamble and take more money she may not have to go after the attention of Tyler Perry - only one of the most successful and powerful filmmakers in the business today.

So what did this Jersey Girl do?  What attention is she getting?  Check out what her plan is here.


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