You feeling sushi tonight?

If you've got that craving for spicy tuna, yellowtail, nigiri sushi, shrimp tempura, miso soup and more, there's without a doubt a plethora of sushi restaurants in New Jersey to satisfy your craving.

But what if you don't just want any sushi though? Maybe you want to check out one of the most buzz-worthy spots in the state! The sort of sushi experience that ignites a newfound love and appreciation for the artistry and beauty of sushi.

Photo by georgia z on Unsplash
Photo by georgia z on Unsplash
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Lucky for you, you can get that sort of experience at the most popular sushi restaurant in New Jersey.

FinanceBuzz has an idea of which place that is in their recent list - The Most Popular Sushi Restaurant in Every State. And for New Jersey, we're going to Jersey City. (Jersey City is such a hot spot for exemplary dining experiences.)

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DomoDomo - Jersey City

The most popular sushi restaurant in New Jersey is DomoDomo, located at 200 Greene St in Jersey City If you want to talk about swanky, this is the place to be!

Google Maps
Google Maps

Here's what FinanceBuzz had to say about this spot

"It may be just a few years old, but DomoDomo has quickly made a name for itself in the Jersey City dining scene. The restaurant is known for its hand rolls and its ever-evolving DomoKase menu, an omakase-inspired experience with excellent hot and cold dishes."

If you want a true sushi experience, this place will not disappoint. Their menu is constantly updated and the sushi masters are committed to serving only the best, high-quality dishes made with the freshest ingredients. Check out their menu HERE.

It's no wonder this place is featured in so many videos on TikTok with thousands of views!

If you're a sushi lover, this place has got to go on your bucket list. They also have a location in New York.

Have you ever been to Domo Domo? Let us know your verdict!

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